Grayson Highlands

A couple weeks ago a friend of mine, Max, told me about a place were I could frolick around with miniature horses. Needless to say, I freaked out and we planned a trip! When we first arrived at the park, I figured it would take a while to find the little guys but within 15 minutes here they come traipseying down the hill. They must have known that we had snack for them (apples + carrots). I was in miniature pony heaven. The day was perfect, the sun was warm and the views were incredible. I can’t wait to have another adventure there. Enjoy.

GraysonHighlands_1 GraysonHighlands_3 GraysonHighlands_7 GraysonHighlands_8 GraysonHighlands_6 GraysonHighlands_5 GraysonHighlands_9 GraysonHighlands_4 GraysonHighlands_10 GraysonHighlands_11 GraysonHighlands_13 GraysonHighlands_14 GraysonHighlands_12


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