Roan Mountain

To be completely honest, I’ve felt pretty crappy for the past couple of days. I don’t know if it was allergies or a really annoying cold. Either way, I was tired of being holed up in my room, adding to my mountainous collection of tissues. It was time to break free! Being outside always makes me feel better so I knew I wanted to climb a mountain. So I did. The last time I tried hiking Roan Mountain, I unfortunatelty was coming down with the flu. I made it to the trail head and decided I couldn’t go much further. My body was revolting, but not this time. I was ready! Off I go with my ending destination set at Grassy Ridge Bald. This is one of the most scenic hikes I’ve been on to date. Strolling through this part of the Appalachian Mountains is so dreamy. All I needed was a log cabin, a pup and nice cold brew.

Roan_Mountain Roan_Mountain_1 Roan_Mountain_12 Roan_Mountain_4 Roan_Mountain_8 Roan_Mountain_6 Roan_Mountain_9 Roan_Mountain_3 Roan_Mountain_10 Roan_Mountain_11 Roan_Mountain_2 Roan_Mountain_13 Roan_Mountain_15 Roan_Mountain_14 Roan_Mountain_16 Roan_Mountain_18


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