north carolina: the backcountry

Here are just a few shots I snapped when visiting my buddy Dustin. He currently lives in New York, but came home for a bit and let me explore his beautiful home. The day consisted of open fields, chickens, wandering in the woods and his cute wrinkly pup. We will have more adventures soon!

Cheap 35mm film from Walgreens | Cannon AE-1

Dustin_Farm_35mm_1_1 Dustin_Farm_35mm_1 Dustin_Farm_35mm_1_4 Dustin_Farm_35mm_1_2 Dustin_Farm_35mm_1_3 Dustin_Farm_35mm_1_6 Dustin_Farm_35mm_1_8 Dustin_Farm_35mm_1_7 Dustin_Farm_35mm_1_10 Dustin_Farm_35mm_1_11 Dustin_Farm_35mm_1_12 Dustin_Farm_35mm_1_13 Dustin_Farm_35mm_1_14


2 thoughts on “north carolina: the backcountry

  1. Oh how I love this! I can’t wait to take a trip down to NC to visit Dustin! The photos are beautiful!

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