Black Balsam Knob| Caroline

Before I even describe what an exciting time I had in Asheville, I need to talk about espresso. That stuff is dangerous. I knew I shouldn’t  have partaken in a shot tonight but I was meeting a buddy at a local coffee shop + it’s National Coffee Day…I had to. Therefore, I’m bouncing around right now like a crazy person and typing this blogpost. Hopefully this caffeine craze will wind down soon so I can get some sleep.

ASHEVILLE. It’s easily one of my favorite spots in North Carolina. The food, mountains, live music, watering holes, craft beer, beautiful people etc. have me wanting to take a trip every weekend. Speaking of beautiful people, this is Caroline. We became friends through a mutual friend, Megan (who is in the previous post), and I’m so glad we met! She is my adventurous, wandering, gypsy, kindred spirit, nature loving buddy. We ventured off to Black Balsam Knob and had lots + lots of fun. I’m pretty sure we almost ran into a bear but I’d rather not talk about that because it makes me nervous. Ask Caroline…She was probably giggling at me when I hauled bootie back up the mountain to put as much distance between me and those bear droppings as possible. We laughed, sauntered through the woods, tried interesting yoga poses, ate weird protein bars and made beautiful photos.

🙂 Black_Balsam_26 BLack_Balsam_40 Black_Balsam_1 Black_Balsam_31 Black_Balsam_24 Black_Balsam_2 Black_Balsam_22 Black_Balsam_27 Black_Balsam_16 Black_Balsam_20 Black_Balsam_15 Black_Balsam_14 Black_Balsam_13 Black_Balsam_18 Black_Balsam_17 Black_Balsam_28 Black_Balsam_25 Black_Balsam_35 Black_Balsam_10 Black_Balsam_9 Black_Balsam_8 Black_Balsam_36 Black_Balsam_29 Black_Balsam_19 Black_Balsam_21 Black_Balsam_30 Black_Balsam_11 Black_Balsam_32 Black_Balsam_34 BLack_Balsam_39 Black_Balsam_4 Black_Balsam_3 Black_Blasam_5 Black_Balsam_6 Black_Balsam_42 Black_Balsam_7


4 thoughts on “Black Balsam Knob| Caroline

  1. Oh course the fact that Caroline is my very special neice has nothing to do with the magnificence of how you caught her essence in these shots. I love the yellow flowers and the hair in the wind. Thank you for sharing both of your lights. Aloha her auntie Keala

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